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see journal for more info 
i will make a bust for your character please see my journal for more info
I will make a icon for you please see my journal for more info
Random Character
i will make a random OC for you 
Digital/Traditional Style
I will make a traditional or digital version of a piece of your art work please be specific on which u want and how u like it done  please see my journal for more info
i will do a headshot of one OC's 10 points per OC please see journal for more info 
i will make a fullbody of one of your OCs if you want a back ground please see my journal for the prices

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Love You Dad!!!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! by ScorpionNinjaGirl Love You Dad!!!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 0 0 What did you say about Claw!!! by ScorpionNinjaGirl What did you say about Claw!!! :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 0 0
Starfury' Challange
As Starfury entered the gate she could feel the winds of the south blow through she feathers she could feel the strength of the others who went through her gate Starfury opened her wings letting the winds hit them giving her the confidence to go forward lifting herself she flew down the path
Her plan was to fly low making sure that no enemy in the sky could see her, her small agile body allowed her to fly in between the trees with ease when the sun began to go down she nested in the tree to protect her during the night winds all she could feel was the breeze of the night she did this every night she seemed happy and confident she felt that her father was proud of what she was doing
It was till one
:iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 2 10
Art VS Artist meme by ScorpionNinjaGirl Art VS Artist meme :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 1 2 Starfury by ScorpionNinjaGirl Starfury :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 4 3 Dragon Queen Acithea by ScorpionNinjaGirl Dragon Queen Acithea :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 3 2 WOW Rise of the hybrid King by ScorpionNinjaGirl WOW Rise of the hybrid King :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 0 0 Soul of Fire by ScorpionNinjaGirl Soul of Fire :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 1 0 My Crew 2.0 by ScorpionNinjaGirl My Crew 2.0 :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 4 12 Are You Serious? by ScorpionNinjaGirl Are You Serious? :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 2 2 My Bloody Rocking Horse by ScorpionNinjaGirl
Mature content
My Bloody Rocking Horse :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 0 0
What did you say! by ScorpionNinjaGirl What did you say! :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 1 0 Hello... by ScorpionNinjaGirl
Mature content
Hello... :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 0 0
Starfury's Choice
The Fledglings were EVERYWHERE waiting for their elder to arrive Starfury was nervous all her life she was preparing for this moment to goes through the trial but her nerves were getting the best of her what path to choose what to do when entering the gate what if she made the wrong choice all the questions burned in her head her parents and big sister went through this already her father took the path of the west or gate of the sea her mother took the path of the north or gate of the mountains while her sis
:iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 2 8
Nightmare's Pride by ScorpionNinjaGirl Nightmare's Pride :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 0 0 Contest entry for Pacific Rim DRAGON FURY by ScorpionNinjaGirl Contest entry for Pacific Rim DRAGON FURY :iconscorpionninjagirl:ScorpionNinjaGirl 2 0


Taichou no Haori by Sadizumu Taichou no Haori :iconsadizumu:Sadizumu 84 29 Free Hugs? by Sadizumu Free Hugs? :iconsadizumu:Sadizumu 162 78 [F2U] Pyrrhia + Pantala Shaded Dragon Bases by servaal [F2U] Pyrrhia + Pantala Shaded Dragon Bases :iconservaal:servaal 65 5
60 poses theme challenge
this seems like a really awesome challenge and i think it will help me a lot now that i'm back into drawing! everyone should try this!!
60 Pose theme
For the artists who want to do pose practices and studies.
Try to draw full body.
Try different angles on each poses.
You may include environments around the characters, but keep the main focus on the character.
Fanart/Original art either is fine.
1~50 is One character, 51~60 is with Two characters.
1. Standing
2. Walking
3. Running
4. Falling
5. Tripping
6. Slipping
7. Falling on the butt.
8. Holding the head
9. Sitting with legs crossed.
10. Crouching
11. On their knees
12. Hugging their knees
13. Hands/Knees/Head on the ground(Deep apology pose).
14. Bowing
15. Salute
16. Looking up
17. Laying on the back
18. Laying on the stomach
19. On tiptoes
20. Hands and Legs spread apart.
21. Arms crossed
22. Climbing up
23. Climbing down
24. Hanging
25. Jumping
26. Landing
:iconrissarooxoxo:RissaRooxoxo 1,169 71
30 Day OC Challenge
This seems like it might be fun to try.
(found on SkyLandWarrior's page)
30 Day OC Challenge
DAY 1: Introduction (small doodle with name, age, etc)
DAY 2: Cosplaying as one of you fave characters
DAY 3: fanservice
DAY 4: Chibified
DAY 5: in a different style
DAY 6: With a weapon of choice
DAY 7: 15 minute sketch
DAY 8: Sleeping
DAY 9: in their underwear
DAY 10: In casual/street clothing
DAY 11: Surpirsed
DAY 12: Happy
DAY 13: Sad
DAY 14: As an animal (if they're an animal as human)
DAY 15: Swim wear
DAY 16: Dressed in another one of you OC outfit
DAY 17: Playing video game
DAY 18: As a child
DAY 19: In school uniform
DAY 20: in PJs
DAY 21: In their least favourite season
DAY 22: With their love interest (if none friend)
DAY 23: With you
DAY 24: Stuck in horror game/movie situation
DAY 25: fighting
DAY 26: cross dressing
DAY 27: As a demon tamer/pokemon trainer/ digimon tamer
DAY 28: Out of character
DAY 29: With another OC
DAY 30: Saying they Survived the challenge
:iconcadwo:CADWO 2,255 344
The 30 Day Character Development Challenge~!
[Stole off someone's facebook]
1.) Describe your character's relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?
2.) What are your characters most prominent physical features?
3.) Name one scar your character has, and tell us where it came from. If they don't have any, is there a reason?
4.) How vain is your character? Do they find themselves attractive?
5.) What's your character's ranking on the KINSEY SCALE?
6.) Describe your character's happiest memory.
7.) Is there one event or happening your character would like to erase from their past? Why?
8.) Day of Favorites! What's your character's favorite ice cream flavor? Color? Song? Flower?
9.) Who does your character trust?
10.) Can you define a turning point in your character's life? Multiples are acceptable.
11.) Is there an animal you equate with your character?
12.) How is your character with technology? Super savvy, or way behind the time
:iconalbtraums-adopts:Albtraums-Adopts 1,091 60
OTP Drawing Challenge!
Okay so this is basically where I list some themes and you draw your otp to go along with the theme. You know how it works, right? Good. Your otp can be anything such as Canon x Canon, Oc x Canon, Oc x Oc, anything! Heck, you can even make it into a comic! Here are the themes:
First Date
First Kiss
Third Wheel
Phone call/ texting
Exchanging gifts
Outfit Swap (you can genderbend the clothes if needed)
Shopping together
Going to the fair
Theme Song
Photo Booth
And well that's all I can think of right now lol! Hope you like my challenge :3
:iconpinkraindrops03:pinkraindrops03 80 25
The 30 Day OC Drawing Challenge~
Day 1: Bio of at least ONE of your characters
Day 2:Character(s) eating favorite food
Day 3:Character(s) wearing one another clothing
Day 4:Character(s) genderbent
Day 5:Character(s) in pajamas
Day 6:Character(s) cosplaying
Day 7:Character(s) drunk
Day 8:Character(s) in swimwear
Day 9:Character(s) as children
Day 10:Character(s) crying
Day 11:Character(s) arguing
Day 12:Character(s) in a school uniform
Day 13:Character(s) with their dream pet
Day 14:Character(s) OOC (out of character)
Day 15:Character(s) as maids/butler
Day 17:Character(s) as adults
Day 18:Character(s) studying
Day 19:Character(s) angry/upset
Day 20:Character(s) as an animal
Day 21:Character(s) in a short comic strip
Day 22:Character(s) celebrating a holiday (Christmas, valentine's day, ect...)
Day 23:Character(s) taking a bath
Day 24:Character(s) on a sports team
Day 25:Character(s) in your favorite anime/manga theme
Day 26:Character(s) baking/cooking
Day 27:Character(s) sleeping
Day 29
:iconnauticawilliams:NauticaWilliams 602 128
Artist fun: OTP Challenges
I'll list some different challenges from time to time as well. ;3
Though I might put my own twist on them, like I am doing here. Some challenges I can't do with my OC's, so I am altering them so I can fully do them! Which should be able to work out for others as well. Though if something doesn't work for one couple, change it up with a different couple! This also works for poly relationships.
There's a few "30 day OTP" challenges out there, but it's VERY hard to do a prompt each day, so only do these when you have the time! If you CAN do them each day, then more props to you!
And I suggest mixing it up, so you don't have to stick to one style. Do sketches! Do full pieces! Be experimental! Show backgrounds! Show up close shots! Have fun with them!
I know I'll do different things with each one.
Clean OTP challenge:
01 - Holding hands
02 - Cuddling/Spooning
03 - Gaming/watching a movie
04 - On a da
:iconshorty-antics-27:shorty-antics-27 61 17
don't touch my pancakes !! by Tofu-Fnaf don't touch my pancakes !! :icontofu-fnaf:Tofu-Fnaf 985 103 free to use hellhound lineart 2 by dragonlover1290 free to use hellhound lineart 2 :icondragonlover1290:dragonlover1290 3 3 I'm fine ((finished)) by haozeke93 I'm fine ((finished)) :iconhaozeke93:haozeke93 917 248 Wilford Warfstache Icon by TheActualGalaxyFox Wilford Warfstache Icon :icontheactualgalaxyfox:TheActualGalaxyFox 4 7 Design Trade by Azrielyn Design Trade :iconazrielyn:Azrielyn 36 15 Mario Potter by rumper1 Mario Potter :iconrumper1:rumper1 378 53 Snape Caramelldansen by Lady-Agony Snape Caramelldansen :iconlady-agony:Lady-Agony 116 148

Why Anime Why?

Im in love with 3 hot anime guys Gajeel from Fairy tail Kenpachi from Bleach and Toga from Vampire Knight



Mon Jun 4, 2018, 7:19 PM
i love bleach!
Sun May 13, 2018, 12:18 PM
Thu May 3, 2018, 9:11 PM




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Fav character from Fairy tail GO (also if your fav is not on this list please comment) 

2 deviants said Capricorn (Acinthea i know your going to pic this one the sea goat)
1 deviant said Gajeel (+1)
1 deviant said Lucy
No deviants said Laxus
No deviants said Natsu
No deviants said Erza
No deviants said Gray
No deviants said Happy
No deviants said Wendy
No deviants said Carla


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am 14 years old I really like Wings of Fire and TMNT i probably know i'm not good at art but I am proud that I try and I am really good at making story's and i really like making OC's on my favorite shows and movies


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if you have a headshot or a adopt just put them here thanks or if u want to :)

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Journal History


Hey guys!! just made a adopt account!! ScorpionNinjaAdopts
So i will be transfering all my adopts to this so if you want to buy any adopts go HERE!!! 
Love You Dad!!!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!
Love you dad!!!

He was first shown here
My wolf family by ScorpionNinjaGirl 

Base belongs to owner

fact: im in tears because he changed my life my real dad was cruel and abusive while he was gentle and kind im so happy to have him in my life 
Fav character from Fairy tail GO (also if your fav is not on this list please comment)
2 deviants said Capricorn (Acinthea i know your going to pic this one the sea goat)
1 deviant said Gajeel (+1)
1 deviant said Lucy
No deviants said Laxus
No deviants said Natsu
No deviants said Erza
No deviants said Gray
No deviants said Happy
No deviants said Wendy
No deviants said Carla
OK my puter is being stupid lately so sorry and im workijng on This..

1. Bust for raffle prize
2 Bane art (this guy Bane by ScorpionNinjaGirl) DONE

3 Spirt trails for group DONE

4 digital style art of every traditional i have and  a few for MsJustice and Acinthea 

5 Glowstrike art (This girly  OC Glowstrike by ScorpionNinjaGirl) DONE 

6 WOF OC family tree

7 Hades art ( Prince Hades of the Deathwings by ScorpionNinjaGirl)

8 Zombiewing lineart

9 Celestialwing lineart

10 Lifewing lineart 

11 Woodwing lineart

12 Metalwing lineart

13 Windwing lineart

14 Dragonet misfit art ( Wings of Fire Desert by ScorpionNinjaGirl Wings of Fire Atlantic (REMAKE) by ScorpionNinjaGirl Wings of Fire Amazon (REMAKE) by ScorpionNinjaGirl Wings of Fire Swamp (REMAKE) by ScorpionNinjaGirl Wings of Fire Dreamwalker (REMAKE) by ScorpionNinjaGirl Wings of Fire North (REMAKE) by ScorpionNinjaGirl

Wings of Fire Torch by ScorpionNinjaGirl

15 Mozar art

16 Nytrix Art  Nytrix by ScorpionNinjaGirl

17 Ceta art

18 Scourge art

19 Finish any story i have not finished

20 rewrite massacre of 85

21 Darknight art   Wishing on a star in a colorful night by ScorpionNinjaGirl

22 Nightstalker art  Warrior OC - NightStalker by ScorpionNinjaGirl

23 Snowstorm art  Warrior OC - SnowStorm by ScorpionNinjaGirl

24 7 nights in the asylum art

25 Dante the Soul eater Art

26 Akuma art

27 Tenshi art

28 Yin and yang twins art

29 Aurora art  

30 Lyric Videos

31 Gift art for xTheDragonRebornx 

32 gift art for RhynoBullraq 

33 Gift art for R2ninjaturtle 

34 gift art for Neytirix 

35 gift art for GraWolfQuinn 

36 Pride art DONE

37 Nya Art 

38 remake EVERYTHING that is old

Holy crap i have a lot to do well wish me luck!!
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  • Reading: Amulet
  • Watching: Bleach
  • Playing: FnaF (and getting scared out of my mind)
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Thank you for watching me.
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Sokolva Featured By Owner May 12, 2018   Traditional Artist
I've seen your icons all over deviantart, they are adorable and really well made, and it led me to your page where I see you draw lots of epic looking dragon designs and also great Bleach fan characters! I would like to invite you to the group I mod for, because I think your skills with creating intriguing characters and cool backstories along with your art would really do well! We are currently looking for new members to help us build the world and take part in the growing storyline and adventures we will be having :D


Kaleos are a species of large, fluffy, dragon-like creatures that fly through the air using echolocation and their keen senses of hearing and smell, as they are all blind. They live in the mountainous, forested, frozen world of Kanu that is very cold and that they are highly adapted for. However, Kanu is full of dangerous creatures and Kaleos have to work together as a species in order to survive. They are intelligent creatures with a unique culture, writing system using etchings that can be felt. They are very peaceful creatures but will fight and kill if need be.

All the current Kaleos adopts that were just made a few days ago have already been bought up, but we creators are working on making more, and we will also will be hosting events and trials that will allow you to get your own Kaleo by completing a coming of age trial by drawing art and participating in your Kaleo's journey to maturity! I'll also soon be hosting a stream where I will be creating Kaleos with the stream chat to be adopted out.

If you want to know what Kaleos look like and what their traits are, look here:…
There is also art from other group members in the gallery and a journal tracker showing all the current Kaleos if you want to see examples of them! It will have ARPG elements for those who want to participate, we are creating more and more missions, roles, jobs, and a more detailed economy as we go along. I really hope to see you in the group if the species interests you! Once you create a Kaleo or purchase one, you own it and it belongs to you as a character. We only ask that you credit the species of Kaleos back to the group and to the original creator, Comet-Draws if you use them for stories and role play outside of the group.

I'd love to see you join the group! Let me know if you have any questions, need help navigating, or want to know when the new adopts come out or when we set up the trials to allow you to get your own Kaleo :D
ScorpionNinjaGirl Featured By Owner May 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow this so awesome! I would love to Join! and im glad you like my art!
Sokolva Featured By Owner May 13, 2018   Traditional Artist
Yay!! I'm so happy you like it! Can't wait to see you in the group and the art you make! Let me know if you have any questions :)
ScorpionNinjaGirl Featured By Owner May 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
OK!! i will!
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